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Alexander PaleyAlexander Paley (2 CD Set)

Alexander Paley (2 CD Set)
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Alexander Paley (2 CD Set)

Hardcopy CD - Paley Well-Tempered Clavier €17,95

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
The Well-Tempered Clavier vol. I

CD 1
Prelude in C major
Fugue in C major
Prelude in C minor
Fugue in C minor
Prelude in C sharp major
Fugue in C sharp major
Prelude in C sharp minor
Fugue in C sharp minor
Prelude in D major
Fugue in D major
Prelude in D minor
Fugue in D minor
Prelude in E flat major
Fugue in E flat major
Prelude in E flat minor
Fugue in E flat minor
Prelude in E major
Fugue in E major
Prelude in E  minor
Fugue in E minor
Prelude in F major
Fugue in F major
Prelude in F minor
Fugue in F minor

CD 2
Prelude in F sharp major
Fugue in F sharp major
Prelude in F sharp minor
Fugue in F sharp minor
Prelude in G major
Fugue in G major
Prelude in G minor
Fugue in G minor
Prelude in A flat major
Fugue in A flat major
Prelude in G sharp minor
Fugue in G sharp minor
Prelude in A major
Fugue in A major
Prelude in A minor
Fugue in A minor
Prelude in B flat major
Fugue in B flat major
Prelude in B flat minor
Fugue in B flat minor
Prelude in B major
Fugue in B major
Prelude in B minor
Fugue in B minor
Postlude in B minor

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